U Pick Michigan Apples!

We will have one week of U-pick Galas beginning Friday, September 8

U-Pick will resume in October with Red Delicious

$5        ¼ Peck

$6        ½ Peck

$11      Peck

$18      ½ Bu

Head on into the Market to purchase your U Pick bag, then head out to the U Pick apple trees and choose your apples.

Please read our U-Pick guidelines if you are planning on coming out for our U-Pick Apples.

GALA – For one week only beginning September 8, 2017

Talk about a great apple: Crisp snappy bite over a mellow sweetness. Michigan’s 3rd most popular apple for fresh eating or cooking. Looks great, smells sweet, eats like a dream!


America’s most popular apple, known for the “five little bumps” on the bottom. Best for fresh eating and snacks. Full-flavored sweet taste, yellowish flesh and crisp texture. Discovered over 100 years ago in Iowa.

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